While visiting Kenya in April of 2009, Bob was very impressed by the Maasai people (a pastoralist tribe, herding their cattle throughout the region), the wildlife, and the way they live together. However, in many parts of Africa, modern-day ranchers have taken a very drastic step to protect their livestock from predators: using deadly poison. This practice, if left to continue, will result not only in the extinction of magnificent species of wildlife such as the lion, but also in destruction of the very delicate ecosystem that exists in Africa and upon which the livelihood of the ranchers depends. Through his host, Tom Hill, Bob became acquainted with the save-the-lions project on the Mbirikani Group Ranch in the Maasailand, which is proving to be a very successful endeavor. The Maasailand Preservation Trust Predator Compensation Fund was set up “to provide compensation for predated livestock in return for cessation of killing of predators. It has shown very positive results so far, and there has been a substantial decrease in lion killings since the program was initiated.”

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