Bob at the Elco Theater in Elkhart, Indiana on Sept. 13, 2001

Bob at the Elco Theater in Elkhart, Indiana on Sept. 13, 2001.

(A fundraiser for the YMCA Senior Center.)

Dear Ragtime Fans:

On October 14th, 2001, Bob Milne performed at the 1000 Islands Ragtime Festival, in upstate New York. At the request of the festival director, Pel Bell-Smith, Mr. Milne presented a patriotic concert in honor of all who died in the atrocities of the September 11th attacks, barely a month preceding this event. Bob, in his usual, unassuming manner, went out onto the stage and first related to the audience his experience playing a concert aboard the USS George Washington, an aircraft carrier, at the request of Captain Lindell Rutherford. Following this, he spliced together a menage of American songs, military marches, Civil War melodies, and an indescribable medley of Americana ranging from the painful and heart-wrenching to the standing-up-and-cheering emotions. The results of the performance were astonishing. Gary Gath, writing a review for the Four-Bar Tag (Buffalo, New York), wrote, "Words cannot begin to describe the program orchestrated and played by Bob Milne…drawing on the emotions of the crowd at every level, from tears to cheers to a full standing ovation…"

This performance was recorded live, and the results are now available on Bob’s latest CD, "America: Go USA!" The front cover consists of a highly moving photo of Bob standing in front of a huge American flag, once again taken live at a theater in Elkhart, Indiana. The inside photo is a picture of the USS George Washington at sea, autographed to Bob by Captain Rutherford. The performance has not been edited in any way: it consists of the opening song, "God Bless America," (in which the audience can be heard faintly singing in the background), Bob’s description of his concert on the aircraft carrier, and finally the medley described above. Grown men were crying at the conclusion of this concert and you might, too. Nothing more heartfelt has ever been performed on-stage.

Feel free to place an order anytime from our online store. CDs are $19.95, cassettes $14.95 (all taxes, postage, etc. included). U.S. funds only. All major credit cards accepted. Go USA.

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